"Moon, Bride, Dogs" 

An opera created in collaboration with composer Ryan Suleiman, performed at the UC Davis Pitzer Center for Performing Arts by the Brooklyn Art Song Society on May 10, 2018. 

In the Charles Perrault’s fairy tale “Donkey Skin,” a princess is forced to flee after her father takes her as his bride. In this surrealist adaptation, the character Idiot Girl (soprano) escapes the clutches of her own abusive father only to find herself in a desolate world inhabited by a hoard of hungry dogs (spoken by pianist and tenor). While the Moon (tenor) comments dispassionately on the events taking place below, Idiot Girl confronts her memory loss while the dogs, starved of both food and knowledge, race in excitement toward this new source of nourishment. However, the young bride is only able to voice her story once the dogs eat her alive, a violent act rendered gentle and self-sacrificial for Idiot Girl as the very tearing apart of her body is what it takes for her to speak her truth.

Because "Moon, Bride, Dogs" contains aspects of both art song and opera, we are calling it an “opera-song.” In other words, we have tried to create a work that could be effective as a conventional art song without elaborate staging, or as an opera with any amount of costumes, staging, set, or lighting.

Read about the collaboration and event info here.